Monday Tell Me When It's Over
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY it's all smooth sailing from here....
I don't always nail things to church doors but when I do, stuff starts to happen.
No Time to Explain Take the Dog Monkey Running Carrying a Puppy: No Time to Explain Take the Dog
one does not simply sing 'soft kitty'
I know something about someone So they better be nice to me
I'm a Barbie Girl In a Barbie World... Admit it. You read it in annoying voice.
Will the real darth vader Please stand up
Some People... Have no sense of humor.
Facebook Is Going to Read Your Mind! WARNING!!! Facebook is going to read your mind! Warn all your friends!
ZUMBA Kitties like it too.
Lincoln is doing well in theaters Historically this has not been true
I don't usually love my husband But when I do he's cooking and cleaning..
i could be a morning person if mornings came later in the day
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